Who We Are


Our History – Cabinetry, Coolers and More


In the 1980s, Dennis Prock owned 5 convenience stores in the Missouri Ozark area. Dennis was frustrated with having to go to contractors, cabinet shops, refrigeration companies, different manufactures for food and beverage equipment, not to mention all the vendors for merchandise to get everything he needed to outfit his c-stores.  A majority of the manufacturers did not understand the special needs a convenient store needed (like extra width for counter tops).  Dennis decided to take matters into his own hands and create a company that could outfit an entire c-store before the merchandise arrived.


In 1986 his business, Prock Operations, Inc., created For Your Convenience (FYC) out of his basement.  Dennis began selling food and beverage equipment from a variety of manufacturers and became a one stop shop for these products.  Shortly thereafter he started a cabinet shop, specializing in building cabinets and shelving specifically for c-stores.  Along the way he added store layout and design services to maximize c-store retail space based on insights gained from working in the industry and by listening to owners and operators.


In 2004, Prock Operations, Inc. further expanded and started our sister company, Snowman Coolers, LLC.  FYC is an exclusive dealer of Snowman Coolers and is able to offer top quality, custom walk-in coolers and freezer to their customers.


A year later FYC purchased a large format printer and opened a print shop.  Graphic designers began working with customers and our sales team to create store graphics that gain customers’ attention and direct store traffic to key areas.  This allows our customers to eliminate the middle man and get top quality graphics and signage needed for their stores and product.


In 2009 FYC purchased a panel press and began pressing all of the panel goods for our cabinetry.  Bringing our production and in-house quality assurance to the table brought a better quality of product to our customers.  In 2012 FYC began offering panel goods to the public through Quality Panels, and launched Xcelamine, a water and rot resistant melamine board. Xcelamine gives you the reassurance to know your cabinetry in high moisture areas is free from damage found in leaks or spills from equipment.


Our future goals have us moving into franchised bar and restaurant ventures as well as C-Stores that need repeatable results throughout their store fronts utilizing our proven and precision manufacturing methods. Our specialized flooring is also seeing a growth in solving slip and fatigue resistant for employees and customer in coolers, beer caves, behind serving bars/platforms/sales areas, kitchens, and even more Check in often to this site or one of our many social media outlets to see what is current and learn more.