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Custom Cabinetry


One of the biggest jobs that For Your Convenience (FYC) wanted to take on was to create custom cabinets that met the needs of convenience stores and other commercial retail spaces.  Understanding that cabinets were not merely a means of storage, FYC took on producing and building cabinets that were not only functional, but decorative as well.  With that and the unique needs of c-store cabinetry and shelving in mind, we have been tirelessly building cabinets that hold up to customers, employees, and food/beverage equipment since 1986.



Utilizing our in house draftsman and CAD to develop your project into 3D pieces that aid in effectively creating your exact cabinet.  These files can then be viewed/modified before construction begins to your specifications. Using the same software we you aid in laying out the store or remodel, and once all the CAD work is approved the drafting files are used to precision cut on router all boards and material needed to complete your job. This allows for exact fit and placement of all components. This process is utilized in all aspects of our Millwork from laminated board construction, hardwood, and or specialty features utilizing metals or plastic.


We are constantly upgrading and renovating our products to meet customers’ needs.  We combine functionality with design and materials to meet your cabinetry requirements.  We offer melamine, high pressure laminate, solid surface counter tops and Xcelamine (our water and rot resistant melamine panel).


Cabinetry with Xcelamine


Xcelamine is a moisture and rot resistant

Panels manufactured with 100% sustainable substrate

Great alternative to traditional melamine cabinetry in high moisture areas (fountain and coffee areas)

Easy to clean and maintain

Impact resistant




Affordable Alternative to High Pressure Laminate

Multi Thicknesses

Easy to Clean

Stain Resistant

Durable Material – Does Not Chip

Available in a Wide Variety of Colors


High Pressure Laminate


High Pressure Laminate (HPL) uses Laminate and particle board or medium density fiberboard to create a decorative panel

Has a wide variety of finished and textures

A long-time standard in both cabinets and counter tops



 Hardwoods and Specialty Features


In house staining operation ensuring consistent coloring on all pieces

Plastic and Lexan fabrication of cabinet pieces such as condiment trays, trash chutes, soda cup dispenser containers, recessed glass over condiment areas, and standalone merchandisers at counter.

Repeatable store fixtures for end caps or point of purchase displays